India Part 1 – Chennai, Bangalore & Kerala

The other day I was cleaning out a cupboard when I came across a rather gaudy looking photo album I had made after a trip to India.  As I flicked through the pages fond memories of the days I spent in this wonderful country came back to me.  India has aways had a mystical and exotic appeal for me and so, some years back, when I had the  chance to travel to India I jumped at the opportunity.

Blue dye textiles in Chennai, India
A man goes about his work with textiles in Chennai, India

I was lucky enough to apply for and attain a fellowship with the Asia Education Foundation (Australia) and as it was funded by the foundation I only had to pay $500 for the whole trip.  This was not a solo journey, however, but a journey with a group of educators which took in tours of schools and the chance to meet some very interesting people. Continue reading “India Part 1 – Chennai, Bangalore & Kerala”