About me

Hello there,

My name is MIMG_0187aryanne and I, like many people, love to travel.

I have been reading countless blogs created by young twenty or thirty something, skinny, beautiful women who look like they’ve leapt from the pages of magazines. I didn’t see many blogs showing 50+, overweight, solo, independent female travellers so here I am to show you that we can explore and have those adventures too.  I may not have run up Kilimanjaro but I made it up by putting one foot in front of the other – slowly but surely.

These days I like to take things easy but be assured I still have a curiosity for the unknown and the exotic.  I think I have watched too many movies that have peppered my imagination like Murder on The Orient Express, Out of Africa, Lawrence of Arabia and the Indiana Jones movies.


I love to travel solo as it suits my tendency for lingering and I can suit myself with whatever I do.  I also find more people are willing to speak to you when you are a party of one. Independent travel?  Well I never was one for tours and such.  I don’t travel in luxury, in fact my next trip is scarily underfunded. I do, occasionally, like to splash out on a nice hotel but this is a rare occurrence.

Anyway, enough of me for now.  Let’s see what happens….  Let the games begin!

Travel makes free

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